I NEED HELP! I Am Addicted To Sex, How Do I Stop?

First, let me begin by saying this is the story of my friend and not me.

I know you people will still jump to conclusions but that’s up to you.

So early this week, my female friend came to visit, and we had a really serious but somewhat awkward conversation.

She simply said to me that she thinks she’s addicted to sex, and she needed help.

Unfortunately, she’s not in any serious relationship, and she’s doing well for herself, but she thinks this lack of self-control could destroy her.

She said she has tried everything, including trying to stay celibate but it just never worked.

She asked as a lady what can she do?

Bear in mind that it’s much easier for ladies to get sex because, of course guys can barely say no.

She has a couple of guys on speed dial.

So advice, please.

If You’re A Lady And You Were In A Similar Situation In The Past, What Did You Do?

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