Christians do not Hate– Reno Omokri

Christians do not Hate

Nigerian author Reno Omokri is of the opinion that one can not be a Christian and hate anyone.

Taking to his IG page, Omokrfi further explained its writing;

”It is impossible to be a Christian and hate anyone. Do you realise that if by accident of birth, you were born in another country, you may have been a Muslim, or Hindu or Shintoist?

”Don’t allow religion colour who you love and hate. Be like God. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world”. Your name, your religion and your prejudices were all given to you in this world.

”You did not get them from God. You did not bring them from heaven. You met them here. The only thing you came to Earth with is innocence. So be careful. Don’t allow these Earthly identities make you hate other humans.

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